Which is good for shot blasting machine?

Which is good for shot blasting machine? Why buy a shot blasting machine to choose Pu Hua heavy industries and Pu Hua heavy industry to answer for you? We have the following advantages in producing shot blasting machines:

In order to give feedback to colleagues from all walks of life, we sincerely thank the new and old customers for their concern and support for Pu Hua brand for many years. In the industry, Prof Hua heavy industries first promoted the brand strategy of "four advantages" of "Pu Hua products and reassuring quality". Companies adhering to the "integrity, innovation, win-win" business philosophy, "technology innovation, real love service" as the business oriented, for all colleagues to create the highest cost-effective products value and service!

* strive for maximum performance price ratio in technical design.

Non - standard items are used for three years.

24 hours efficient after-sales service commitment.

Three years less than the market price of more than 30% (you can refer to the market price) supply quality parts of the original factory.

Qingdao QINGDAO PUHUA HEAVY INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY CO. (LTD) is an industrial entity integrating research, development, production and operation. It is the first entity in the same industry to pass ISO9001 quality system certification, the EU CE certification, the French BV production certification, NATIONAL CE, INC. (US national railway bridge construction technical room) finds that the equipment supplier has the right of self import and export, and its products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions such as the United States, Southeast Asian countries, European Union countries, Russia, Ukraine, the Middle East, Japan and so on. Pu Hua company has made innovations in the market demand, and has succeeded in research and development.

Dali slate imitation litchi noodles shot blasting machine;

Special shot blasting machine for high speed turnouts;

High speed rail track shot blasting and painting machine.

FRP cable tray shot blasting machine;

Double rotary trolley polycrystalline silicon shot blasting machine;

Wooden floor, stainless steel mold, texturing shot blasting machine, etc.

The company began to set up an international business department in 2007, and has made product cooperation with multinational mechanical and electrical trading companies with high performance products and good after-sales service. Since 2012, the sales volume of export products has exceeded the sales volume of domestic products for the 9 consecutive years, and has been the Alibaba's overseas international station.

Qingdao Pu Hua Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., in line with the guiding ideology of "production development and science and technology first", has built the first China machinery technology center with relatively large scale and strong scientific and technological power. It has been selected as the "Qingdao municipal enterprise technology center", attracting large numbers of experts in the field of shot blasting, foundry sand treatment, forging and numerical control, and so on. At the same time, the company has been in Shandong for a long time. The scientific research units such as the Industrial University and Shandong University of Science and Technology have carried out extensive technical cooperation to improve enterprises in various types of CNC machine tools, concrete pavement blasting machines, large structural sand blasting houses, shot blasting machines inside and outside the steel tube, steel plate pretreatment production line, roller pass shot blasting machine, suspension chain (accumulating chain) through shot blasting machine, hook type shot blasting machine, trolley type shot blasting machine, and shoes. The research and development level of sand blasting technology such as belt blasting machine, climbing shot blasting machine, resin sand, coated sand, clay sand and so on. And world famous metals

Surface treatment scientific research institutions have carried out technical cooperation and won the trust and appreciation of customers with first-class technology, excellent products, harsh quality, and prompt and timely service. The company has large, medium and small machinery processing and testing equipment more than 300 units, with annual production capacity of more than 2000 sets of machinery and equipment.

The company's main products include shot blasting cleaning equipment, CNC punching equipment, shot blasting cleaning machine, casting sand treatment equipment and environmental protection dust removal equipment. And all kinds of non-standard casting machines can be designed and manufactured according to users' needs.

Our company implements design automation, and has a set of self developing dynamic simulation and 3D simulation drawing software, rapid modeling, finite element analysis, implementation of product simulation action, interference checking, combination of 3D CAD system and modern 3D manufacturing, ensuring synchronization with the most advanced technology in the world, and integration with CNC machining center, from traditional manufacturing to modern three. Transformation of dimensional manufacturing. The technology center of shot blasting machine, which is made up of many design, craft and computer technicians, has the principle of operation and optimization design for every non-standard product, and has mature experience in the development of large non-standard equipment such as profile and component cleaning. The equipment of shot blasting machine designed by our backbone technician has been proved effective after years of production.

The company's technology center brings together talents of design, technology, electrical and computer technology. Among them, mechanical engineers have expertise in computer aided design, mechanical design, mechatronics and pneumatic hydraulic control.

The process engineer has a good command of wear-resistant parts casting, machining center programming, heat treatment, tooling and process planning.

Electrical engineers are competent in the selection of electrical components, electrical design, programmable logic controller (PLC, including OMRON, MITSUBISHI and SIEMENS), and communication between PLC and host computers and peripherals, including frequency converters, temperature controllers, etc.

Computer engineers can independently complete the development of PC monitoring software (C language programming) and configuration (including FIX, SEIMENS WINCC and Kingview) software and all kinds of brand touch screen applications. At the same time, the advanced 3D CAD software can be used to optimize the design of the projectile, the chamber and the whole machine.

Our company carries out the group responsibility system. Every time a order is placed, we immediately set up a project team, which is composed of the main designer, the craftsmen and a production team. The team is responsible for the final normal use of the equipment.

Our company implements the quality inspection and approval system: every group product is manufactured and checked by the quality inspection department of the company. The problems arising from the installation of the equipment are directly linked to the wages of the quality inspectors, so as to form strict control over the quality.

Shot blasting machine technical service and technical training

After the installation and commissioning of the equipment and the acceptance of the equipment, our technicians will be free to train, operate, maintain and maintain the users' equipment operators and maintenance personnel.

Specific training plans are as follows:

1. Understand the structure and performance of the production equipment.

Training time: our company's production process and equipment installation process.

Location: demand side plant equipment scene

Trainees: operators, equipment maintenance personnel

The purpose of training is to understand the structure and composition of major equipment.

2. Understand shot blasting process:

Training time: within 2 days from the start of equipment installation.

Location: demand side plant

Trainees: operators, equipment maintenance personnel

Training methods and purposes: our company's professional and technical personnel, on-site lectures. It enables the trainees to understand the shot blasting process preliminarily.

3. Familiar with the operation process of equipment and skilled operation.

Training time: equipment debugging process and commissioning after acceptance.

Training location: demand side factory equipment scene

Accompany training object: operator

Training mode and purpose: our company installation and commissioning personnel lead the operator of the demand side, so that the operator can be familiar with the start-up process of the equipment, and can be very skilled in specific operation.

4. Be familiar with equipment performance, maintenance and maintenance.

Training time: after commissioning and after commissioning,

Training objects: operators, equipment maintenance personnel;

Training methods and purposes: our company's professional and technical personnel teaching, installation and commissioning personnel guidance, so that trainers can be familiar with the machine's fault location, and can be eliminated in time; familiar with the daily maintenance and maintenance of the machine; familiar with the replacement of vulnerable parts.


The company has a wide range of CNC machining equipment including machining centers, and has self-developed shot blasting equipment to ensure that all the sheet metal welds are shot blasting and strengthening, and has excellent foundry, sheet metal welding, machining technicians and installation teams. With self manufactured CNC punching equipment, the steel wire mesh technology has been eliminated in the same industry, and more advanced punching steel plate technology has been adopted in the separation of drum screen and ball projectile circulation system. The failure rate of the equipment has been greatly reduced.

Quality commitment

(after sales service 0532-88113811)

1, product quality implementation period of one year warranty. During the warranty period, the company is responsible for maintenance or replacement because of any malfunction and damaged parts (excluding vulnerable parts) due to normal use.

2, a monthly visit to customers, a visit period of two years.

3, if there is any quality problem in the course of using the product, the company will give a reply by fax and send the maintenance personnel within 24 hours after receiving the notification from users.

4. Duration commitment, control measures and implementation plan.

Our company strictly abide by the stipulations of the contract and technical agreement to ensure the duration of the project.

Procurement and outsourcing commitments

In addition to the electrical machinery, speed reducer, bearing, fan, chain and other standard parts, other parts, including sheet metal weldments, processing parts, etc., are completed in our company, which is easy to control the manufacturing quality. At the same time, there is no triangle relationship and wrangle in the after-sales service, which can solve the quality problems quickly. At the same time, this eliminates the profit of the outsourcing unit, reduces the cost of the whole machine, and benefits the users directly.

The company will strictly carry out the whole contract, sign the contract, and constitute a quality and time supervision team that is attended by technology, sales, production and lean personnel. It will supervise the whole construction process in a comprehensive and timely manner, and guarantee the quality and quantity.

At present, the staff of the whole company is sincere and United, vigorous and enterprising, and provides high quality and high price mechanical equipment and services including turnkey projects for all industries including foundry, metallurgy, shipbuilding, construction, mining machinery, construction machinery and construction machinery.